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Kaiser Permanente was born...

in response to the staggering economic conditions of the Great Depression. Under President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal policy, America reached out to help those in dire straits. Among the early respondents was Dr. Sidney R. Garfield, who began to experiment with innovative ways to put advanced medical ideas into practice.

At Kaiser Permanente, the way we deliver health care is different. We are the caregiver, the hospital, the laboratory, and the pharmacy. In fact, what makes us unique is that we play every position across the care continuum—providing the health care coverage and delivering the health care itself. Because of this, our organization is driven by professionals whose roles range from health care and business professionals to construction and customer service experts.

What brings us together is our universal commitment to improve the health and wellness of our members, patients, colleagues, and communities.

When you bring your career to Kaiser Permanente, the work you do directly affects the health of millions. From the business people who shape our policies, to the IT professionals enabling life-saving data, to the nurses and physicians on the front line of patient care, everyone here has a role to play in the care continuum. Knowing you have a place in that process and witnessing the outcome of the work you do is empowering. It gives you a cause to stand behind. And it makes you feel proud of the work you do every day. When people witness the impact of their contributions, they excel. Together we have the power to make a difference.

As an employee, you are eligible for benefits according to your full-time/part-time status and the number of hours scheduled to work per week. Benefits may vary based on your Kaiser Permanente region, position, scheduled hours, and representation by collective bargaining or employee groups, but generally include:

    * generous vacation, holiday, and sick leave
    * medical care (including prescriptions), vision, mental health, and dental care
    * disability and life insurance coverage
    * educational opportunities and tuition reimbursement
    * employee assistance programs
    * health care, dependent care, and transit spending account options
    * retirement plans

In addition, we believe in recognizing stellar performance and sponsor a variety of programs designed to reward our skilled, innovative, caring, and committed staff.

In short, at Kaiser Permanente, we understand that there is a direct correlation between happy employees and happy members. We take pride in the compassion and dedication of our employees and find many ways to reward their hard work. In return, our employees take pride in being a part of a collaborative, professional team focused on quality, service, and care.


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